Introducing J-Bot

J-Bot is the ultimate surprise factor for your event! This 10 foot tall stilt performer robot is designed to keep your guests on the dance floor taking part in all the fun. It all begins when the lights are turned down and the DJ plays suspenseful music to create excitement in the room. At the right moment, the doors swing open to reveal J-Bot. His LED costume comes to life and he starts to move to the beat and party with your guests. Throughout his set J-Bot does different tricks to keep your audience engaged. He uses his handheld lasers, CO2 gun and allows your guests to play follow-the-leader through his legs.

When booking with our DJs, J-Bot can also dance any style of music you request including EDM, Hip Hop, House and even Bhangra. At the end is a photo-op for your guests to take pictures and videos with J-Bot. No matter what the occasion, this dancing robot is sure to be a hit!

This Package Includes

  • 2 high-energy performance sets
  • 1 Professional & insured stilt walker
  • 1 LED Multicolour Robot Suit
  • 2 High Powered Lasers
  • 1 Handheld CO2 Gun
  • Travel within the GTA (Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga and Oakville - Farther distances travel charges may apply)
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