An amazing DJ is the difference between an “OK” event and an event that people won't stop talking about it. (Seriously, getting them to shut up will be the hard part!) Jestr DJs are what the best have to offer. They're versatile and always updated in the very best music. Being a master of reading the crowd, they consistently deliver the right song at the right moment.

What's Included?

  • Music Services 5 PM – 1 AM
  • 2 Wireless Microphones & 1 Stand
  • DJ Facade with Lighting
  • Customized Playlist
  • 1 Meeting to discuss playlist and itinerary
  • SpeakersLighting and other effects available upon request.


What the FAQ?

How long does the DJ play?

Our included timing is 5 PM – 1 AM for 8 hours. Enough time to be there from when your first guest arrives to when the last one steps off the dance floor. Don’t be afraid to ask if you need our DJ to be at your event for additional time.

Do they bring their own sound or lighting?

Yes, we highly recommend our DJs bring their own sound and lighting. This ensures that the quality will always be top notch. With such a range of venues today offering a larger range of systems, it’s easier to keep the quality in check.

What music will they play?

Only what you want to hear! We create a custom playlist for each event. We bring together your personal music touch, and combine it with our playlist of songs that get people to dance till the sun comes up. We also emphasize each client fills out a Do Not Playlist. Like the name says, you put a song on the Do Not Playlist and we don’t play it. Simple.

My event will require cultural music, is that a problem?

Toronto has its fair share of cultural groups and multicultural events. At Jestr Events, we are extremely sensitive to playing your guest’s taste, regardless of their music preference. We pair you with our strongest DJ based on musical requirement. Then we also include lots of musical input during our musical selection phase. Combined, this means that you (and your guests) hear exactly what you want hear!

Can my guests make song requests?

Absolutely! As long as the request is within reason to the Client’s custom playlist, then we would be happy to throw down to get your guests down!



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