J-bot is an exciting new service that gives your guests a chance to party with this 9 ft tall performer. He dances, he parties, and he shoots a CO2 cannon. He then stays back for a picture opt with your guests.

What's Included?

  • 2 high-energy performance sets interacting with your guests (~20 minutes long each)
  • 1 Professional & insured stilt walker
  • 1 LED Multi Color Robot Suit
  • 2 High Powered Lasers
  • Travel within the GTA
  • A photo opp with J-bot and your guests to take pictures/videos with him


What the FAQ?

What does he do?

J-bot comes out when the party’s in full swing and takes your dance floor to the next level! He lights up, dances and interacts with your crowd – they can even limbo through his legs! J-bot is also available as strolling entertainment during cocktails or trade-shows.

How long is the performance?

The entire J-bot party package is 1 hour long, which includes a break in the middle for our performer to recharge. This set includes: an epic intro, dancing and a picture opp. J-bot’s strolling services can also go up to 3 hours long.

What are the extras?

Most of our clients get the CO2 package so he can shoot his cannon over the audience and create that party atmosphere! We also recommend our LED glow sticks for the full effect.

Is this safe?

Yes this service is safe for our performer, for you and for your guests. Rest assured J-bot also comes with his own safety spotter.

Is J-bot really a robot?

No, he is a real boy.


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