Gender-Neutral Salsa Performers
Gender-Neutral Salsa Performers
Gender-Neutral Salsa Performers
Gender-Neutral Salsa Performers

Change how you think, throw everything you know about dance performances out of the window - the old "man leads, the woman follows" is gone. This award winning gender-neutral performance is great way to truly include everyone at your next event.

Our partner dancers will break the gender roles with their new perspective on classic Latin ballroom dancing. Their flair on the dance floor will truly be inspirational to all your guests and will keep them entertained.

The performance can include a TED-style talk about the how Lead & Follow system of dance is no longer gender dependent. Portraying how dance is a conversation and not a delegation, watch world class professionals light up the dance floor.

20 Minute Dance performance

45 Minute Ted-Talk-Style speech and performance

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What the FAQ?

- A 20 min classical Latin dance performance.
- A 45 min performance of a TED Talk style speech including demonstrations of the dances.
Timings can be adjusted to suit your needs.

1. A secure change room for the Performers use. 2. A sound system sufficient for the venue which can be connected to by iPod or cell phone. 3. A suitable dance floor surface/space for dance performance. Clean, smooth (preferably hardwood), stable/secured, clear of furniture or other obstacles, offering at least 10 X 15 feet of open floor. 4. If selecting The Ted Talk Style presentation, then wireless two microphones are required.

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