J-Tron the Epic Robot
J-Tron the Epic Robot
J-Tron the Epic Robot
J-Tron the Epic Robot

J-Tron the Epic Robot is an absolute showstopper! This 9-foot LED Robot is an exciting performer that lights up the dance floor and gives your guests the chance to celebrate with a 9-foot party monster. He can dance, party, shoot a CO2 cannon, and stay back for pictures. This interactive service involves music and games! Don’t miss your chance for a guaranteed legendary night!

J Tron the Epic Robot
- 1 high-energy performance set interacting with your guests (~40 minutes)
- A photo opp for your guests to take pics with J-Tron - 1 Professional & insured stilt walker
- 1 LED Multicolour Robot Suit
- Travel within the GTA included (national or international travel at additional cost)
- CO2 Cannons included

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What the FAQ?

J-Tron comes out when the party’s in full swing and takes your dance floor to the next level! He lights up, dances and interacts with your crowd – they can even limbo through his legs! J-Tron is also available as strolling entertainment during any event!

The entire J-Tron package comes in 40 minute sets. This set includes: an epic intro, interacting/dancing with guests, CO2 and a picture opp.

Yes this service is safe for our performer, for you and for your guests. Rest assured J-Tron also comes with his own safety spotter.

Yes but we make sure we didn't give it sentience, wouldn't want it to over throw humanity.

A private changing area on the same floor, a table, and chair.

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I met Rayn and J-Bot when I attended the National Bridal Show in Exhibition Place way back in January of 2016. J-Bot was dancing around the booth a little bit (and he's huge, so it immediately caught my attention) and then Rayn came and did some magic with my friend and I. Immediately, I liked Rayn'
Steacy C
Jestr Events is your go to for mind blowing, interactive entertainment!
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