The Haunting of Square Manor

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A Horrifyingly Interactive Haunted House at Square One!

October 14th - November 8th.

The Haunting Of Square Manor is presented by Jestr Events.

We invite you to journey through our interactive Halloween adventure. Meet our horrifying characters from our Undying Zombies to our Creepy Clowns, you just don't know what to expect right around the corner...

The Haunting will take place at the Parking Lot 6 (P6) at Square One Shopping Centre. (Near Rec Room). We invite you to enjoy our safe, scary & socially distanced experience!

Please note that our kids shows take place before 6:00 PM each day. These shows involved minimal to no actors during the show. Regular shows with actors take place after 6:30 PM

For corporate bookings please reach out to us at