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Aerialists   Aerialists Looking to bring a touch of elegance with a side of thrill to your event? Consider our talented aerialists to bedazzle your audience with their acrobatics on aerial silks and hoops. They can perform sensational feature acts on stage or help create a classy atmosphere during cocktail hour. Our aerialists can perform solo or in groups.

For maximum entertainment, we recommend pairing a feature act with the Champagne Pourer service. This is an interactive performance during cocktails where our aerialist gracefully sits inside a hoop holding a bottle of your choosing. Guests can approach her to pour the drink into their cups or pose for a beautiful picture.
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Roaming Ballerinas   Roaming Ballerinas These Ballerinas are a great addition to any event. They will dance gracefully into the hearts of their audience and add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your special day. Let them be a part of your reception, posing as living décor and entertainment for guests. Take your first dance to the next level by inviting them to create that fairy tale moment you’ve been dreaming of. Alternatively, take a step back and enjoy a phenomenal performance capable of moving audiences of any age. A true classic that never goes out of style.   More Info Add to Estimate
Cartoon Artists   Cartoon Artists This interactive take on giveaways leaves your guests with a fun memory of your event. Our talented artists (also known as caricature artists) can turn you and your guests into hilarious cartoon characters! All they need is a piece of paper and their drawing tools. We can customize the paper with your logo so your guests will always remember where it was from. Our artists work quickly so they can draw as many guests as possible.

If you're looking to put a modern spin on this classic service, why not try a digital cartoon artist? This service is a similar concept except the drawing is made on a tablet and broadcasted on a TV screen so guests can watch as the drawings come to life.

If this isn't your style, then why not get a photobooth?
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J-Tron the Epic Robot   J-Tron the Epic Robot J-Tron the Epic Robot is an absolute showstopper! This 8-foot LED Robot is an exciting performer that lights up the dance floor and gives your guests the chance to celebrate with a 8-foot party monster. He can dance, party, shoot a CO2 cannon, and stay back for pictures. This interactive service involves music, fun and photos! Don’t miss your chance for a guaranteed legendary night!   More Info Add to Estimate
DJs   DJs Introducing our Jestr DJs!

The pulse of any event is decided by the music that is played. That is why it is so essential to ensure you have an experienced professional DJ to create to complete your events atmosphere. Our master Toronto DJ’s have the skills and knowledge to hype any event from start to finish.

Music is a universal language that connects people from all cultures. Our DJ’s will cross genres and hit all the right notes at all the right times. Our Dj’s play songs people love and can associate with. The beat can be felt by everyone. The ultimate icebreaker, whether it’s people starting to dance or it is just a conversation starter about 90’s nostalgia, our disk jockeys know how to connect people.

Jestr is home to some of the best Toronto DJs, all versatile and able to play music that will accent and highlight your event. Jestr uses state of the art equipment to give the highest quality experience. Your requests will be heard crystal clear and with the base to back it up. Jestr DJs are a great addition to corporate events, brand activations, trade shows, fashion shows, after parties, fundraisers, holiday parties, sporting events, charity events, weddings, birthday parties and bar mitzvahs.
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Fire Artists   Fire Artists Introducing our Fire Performers!

Bring on the heat with our passionate fire performers. Our live fire artists are one of the most visually captivating attractions in Toronto, an enticing experience. Our fire performers execute incredible choreographed stunts with various elements, all alight with dancing flames.

Jestr’s inventive fire acts demand a high level of expertise and accuracy from our fire performers. Some of the acts include; fire swallowing, hooping, fire breathing, fire staff, and poi. Poi is a traditional culture dance that has moved across the globe in popularity. Originally from the Maori People of Aotearoa, New Zealand, this dance is done with weights on the end of tethers that are flown through the air in rhythmical patterns. Unique and eye catching, this act enthralls guests with its distinctive style and flair.

Shows range from 10-30 minutes, each second packed with exciting, breathtaking tricks that will mesmerize and engage your guests. Our fire dancers are mobile and travel anywhere in the GTA. And we tailor our fire acts to suit your events needs. No matter how big or small, this evocative act is sure to light up your night.

Please note that if your venue is not suited for open flame, you may be interested in our Glow Dancers act. This is similar to the fire show but replaces all fire props with LED props. We recommend a combo of our Fire and Glow Act for maximum impact!

Our Fire Performers are perfect for igniting high energy events like corporate functions, weddings, private events, brand activations, trade shows, fashion shows, after parties, fundraisers, holiday parties, sporting events
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Eat Me Photo Booth   Eat Me Photo Booth The Ultimate Eatable Eye Catching Experience

Introducing our Eat Me Photo Booth

Excite the eyes and taste buds of your guests with their picture printed on a variety of items (we recommend the cookies). With our new photo booth technology we are able to create a unique guest experience that satisfies all the senses.

We produce an adorable photo of your guests on items ranging from personalized cookies and marshmallows to specially designed iced matcha lattes. We offer a wide variety of products to satisfy all event themes - some of our most popular items are; sugar cookies, coffee and cocktails.

This is a perfect addition to a corporate or wedding event looking for an interactive memorable experience or for unique activation ideas. All products are customizable, adding logos to your product of choice is a great way to market your product or company.

Toronto is a vibrant city and our edible photo booth meets this city need and desire for novelty and experience. Our customizable Eat Me Photo Booth is what happens when you combine delicious food with cutting edge photo booth technology.

This is a great service for events like:
  • Coporate Events
  • Brand Activations
  • Trade Show Activations
  • Holiday Parties
  • Sporting Events
  • Charity Events
  • Wedding photo booths
  • Birthday Parties
  • Bar Mitzvahs
We will bring this premium photo booth service anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area and can travel further for an extra cost. Our exclusive photo booth will bring a layer of professionalism and fun that will enhance any event.
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Jestr Trio   Jestr Trio This Jestr original service is one of a kind! It involves 3 talented acoustic musicians & singers who stroll your event with a list of popular songs. Your guests can request a song and watch as the Jestr Trio comes to life with their vocals and instruments. Not only are the musicians fun and friendly, they also get your guests involved and part of the action! Watch your guests, sing, dance, and clap along to our talented Trio.

For maximum entertainment we recommend this service during cocktail hour or during dinner as the group travels from table to table. Book this cheerful service today!
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LED Furniture   LED Furniture Create a stunning and functional display with our LED furniture: VIP booths, colourful cocktail areas, LED bars and more! Our professional team will deliver, set up and remove the furniture at the end of the night. Talk to one of our specialists today and figure out whats best for your event.

And remember, most of our pieces are customizable! That means adding your logos to our pieces and highlighting your brand.
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Flair Bartenders   Flair Bartenders Imagine surprising your guests with a performance at the bar! Our flair bartenders serve drinks with a dash of style and entertainment. They can juggle mixers, spin bottles, and even do a show on stage. Give your guests something to talk about from the minute the night begins! For maximum impact, we recommend our duo act.   More Info Add to Estimate
Magician of Ceremonies   Magician of Ceremonies Have you considered a professional MC for your event? Not only does the Magician of Ceremonies service take care of your basic MC needs from introductions to formalities, this award-winning act incorporates an exciting element of magic throughout the night. The act includes: 1 hour of walk-around magic during cocktail hour, an energetic intro for special guests, stage magic between speeches/dinner courses and an epic dance floor opener. The whole act is designed to get your guests involved and taking part in the fun and games.

Booking the Magician of Ceremonies involves a detailed meeting to discuss and create an itinerary. Check out our reviews to see how much our previous clients have enjoyed this act!
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Magicians   Magicians Introducing our Jestr Magicians!

Our magicians embody mystery and charisma. They bring professional showmanship and effortless illusions to every event. Their inventive ideas, raw talent and perfected execution have redefined magic. Whether it’s roaming the crowd or performing on stage, our exclusive VIP magicians take magic tricks to the next level.

The Jestr brand is really about creating innovation, novelty and new experiences for our clients. This is reflected in our professional Toronto illusionists bringing you original creations, from technology infused tricks to creative abstract maneuvers, these magic tricks are unprecedented.

Behind all the smoke and mirrors, Jestr Magicians are enigmatic and at the same time down to earth, engaging with guests of all ages, ensuring an enhanced memorable experience for all. Our Magicians put their heart, soul and sleight of hand into everything they do and it shows. Through their constant evolution of material and mastery of the art of magic, they are able to share their passion and the best of their craft with everyone around them.

Jestr Magicians are a perfect addition to any events in the GTA, programs like; corporate events and entertainment, brand activations, dinner shows, exclusive VIP parties, weddings, charity events, sporting events, festivals, family events, holiday events, birthday parties, street parties.
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MCs   MCs Our Master of Ceremonies (MCs) are experts at energizing a crowd while making sure everything flows as smoothly as possible. It's no easy job to be a charmer on stage while running the show behind the scenes. Our MCs work closely with you or your event planner to create the ideal itinerary with your introductions, entertainment, speeches, dancing and more. If you want to guarantee a good time, don't risk leaving this important job to friends or family. Inquire about our MC services today!

If you’re looking to book your MC and entertainment as one package, you should check out the Magician of Ceremonies.
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Glow Sticks   Glow Sticks Our glow sticks are the perfect addition to ANY dancing crowd. Made of foam and LED light technology, they can turn any party into a rave atmosphere! They are multi-coloured and can do lighting effects such as strobe or colour fades. Turn down the house lights and give them out when your dance floor is in full swing for maximum impact!

For that personal touch, our wedding and corporate clients can request a custom logo on the sticks. Get yours today!
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Musicians   Musicians Live music is the perfect way to add ambience and class to any event. From corporate events to weddings, live musicians can enhance the ambience from the lobby or on stage. We have a range of performers available including: guitarists, singers, violinists, saxophonist, bands and quartets. Talk to a Jestr rep or inquire online to figure out what fits best for your event!   More Info Add to Estimate
Photo Booths   Photo Booths Photo Booths have become a staple service for every event. Leave your guests with a memory they can walk away with! At Jestr, we go above and beyond with our photo booths. Check our Silver and Gold packages below for more details.

For even more unique photo booths, check out our Eat-Me Photo Booth or the 360 Photo & Video Booth!
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Shadow Dancers   Shadow Dancers The Shadow Dance Love Story is an original act invented by Jestr Events for weddings. It is a beautiful performance that leads to an unforgettable entrance for the bride and groom. Your guests will be captivated by the live rendition of your very own love story!
Our animators and dancers will work diligently with you to recreate special moments in your relationship. The day you met, your first date and the much-anticipated proposal story can all be told in dance. At the very end of the act, our dancers will secretly switch places with you and raise the canvas for your grand entrance as bride and groom!

The total performance is approximately 5 to 7 minutes long and truly, one-of-a-kind! Speak to a Jestr representative now and bring your love story to life.
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