playFire And Drums Show

Fire & Drums Show
Fire & Drums Show
Fire & Drums Show

Fire & Drums Show

Experience the elemental spectacle of our Fire and Drums Show, where the forces of fire and water converge in a breathtaking performance that will mesmerize and astonish. This act goes beyond the traditional fire performance, weaving together the captivating visuals of dancing flames with the mesmerizing rhythm of LED powered water drums. Each beat on the water drum sends ripples through the surface, creating a visual splash of colour!

Designed to awe audiences both indoors and outdoors, our show transcends the ordinary, offering a fusion of elements that captivates the senses. Perfect for any event seeking to leave a lasting impression, our Fire and Drums Show promises a magical experience, combining the raw power of fire with the soothing rhythm of water to create a stunning visual and auditory journey.

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