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Sand Artists

Awaken a sense of awe and beauty at your event with our Sand Artist performance. Similar to performances seen on America's Got Talent, our talented artists create exquisite masterpieces using nothing more than sand and light. This act captivates, mesmerizes, and can tell a story that will touch the hearts of your guests.

Imagine an artist gracefully shaping sand on a light box, their hands moving with precision and grace. As the sand shifts and morphs under their touch, a story unfolds. Whether it's the tale of two lovers for a wedding event, the journey of a company for a corporate gathering, or a whimsical scene for a private party, each sand art performance can be a unique narrative tailored to your event.

Our Sand Artist performance isn't limited to the stage. It can also work as an ambient, interactive act during cocktail hour. Whether you're looking for a show-stopping centrepiece or a subtle addition to create an enchanting atmosphere, our Sand Artist performance is the perfect blend of artistry and entertainment.

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What the FAQ?

The artist can do an ambient act in the lobby during cocktails, or can do an exciting act on stage for 5-10 minutes.