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Mobile Haunted House

Mobile Haunted House

That's right, it's mobile. If you can't bring your guests to the haunted house, bring the haunted house to your guests! Our professional team of builders can create our Haunted House on site in most vacant spaces. Once it's up an running, our team of scarers takes over and brings it to life! Once the event is over, our team will carefully dismantle and leave the site just as they found it.

This is a specialty service that requires careful planning and execution. The size of the house depends on time and budget. Talk to one of our entertainment specialists today to figure out whats best for your event!

Mobile Haunted House
- Mobile Haunted House - 4 Professional Scarers

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What the FAQ?

An empty outside area of at least 30' x 20' like a parking lot, or open area. Access to 4x 120V outlets.

While we recommend to book the service when there's less light, the mobile haunted house can scare your guests during the day as well!

Due to hygiene laws, all guests must bring their own underwear and pants.