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Puppy Therapy
Puppy Therapy
Puppy Therapy

Puppy Therapy

Unleash a wave of cuteness at your event with our Puppy Therapy service. We bring a litter of adorable, playful puppies right to your venue, providing an oasis of happiness and love! It's not just about cuddling these furry friends—it's about experiencing the joy and comfort that only a bundle of wiggling, wagging tails can bring. Plus - studies show a strong link between playing with puppies and reduced stress!

Each puppy we bring to your event is ethically bred and fully vaccinated, ensuring the safety of both the animals and your guests. The breed can vary from event to event depending on availability, but whether they are Corgi puppies, Australian Shepherds, or Golden Retrievers, one thing remains constant—their undeniable ability to lift spirits and fill hearts with joy. Besides offering a unique and exciting activity, this service helps socialize the young pups, preparing them for their future homes.

This activation is incredibly effective for team building activations for corporate events or private parties. It's also perfect for dog lovers that just wish they could rent a puppy or dog for some much needed TLC.

Are you ready to add a splash of furry happiness to your event? Our Puppy Therapy service is more than just a cute distraction—it's an experience that brings people together, creates delightful memories, and above all, spreads joy. So, get ready to let the cute times roll, because when the puppies arrive, the smiles never stop!

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Jestr's Puppy Date Night on Valentine's day was an absolute blast. The event ran smoothly, the vibe was great, and the puppies were just SO cute. My girlfriend is still talking about it a month later... Seriously couldn't think of a better date idea. When is the next one?!?!?
Raphaël Désilets