Experience the magic of silent storytelling with our talented Mimes. Masters of the art of pantomime, our performers captivate audiences with their expressive body language and compelling narratives - all without uttering a single word! They demonstrate the power of nonverbal communication, creating scenes and characters that come alive in the viewer's imagination. Whether on stage or wandering around the crowd, their performances are not just visually engaging, but also profoundly evocative, sparking wonder and laughter at every turn.

In the world of mime, actions truly do speak louder than words. Miming is an art form that transcends language and cultural barriers, making it universally accessible and delightful to all. With their imaginative performances, our mimes create an atmosphere of playful curiosity, inviting guests to interact, engage, and become part of the narrative themselves. It's a form of entertainment that's as intriguing as it is entertaining, adding an unexpected twist to any event.

Our Mimes are here to delight and enchant. Enjoy this silent performance at your next event!

Mime Walk-Around
Walk-around strolling entertainment

Mime Stage Show
- Entertainment at its finest with this highly engaging and hilarious show!
- 20 minutes

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What the FAQ?

You can choose between crowd strolling interaction or a hilarious stage performance.

Booking times are hourly for strolling and generally 20 minutes for stage!

No - but please don’t hurt our performers.

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