Get ready to take your event to new heights with our exceptional aerialist service! If you're looking to add some serious wow-factor to your party, wedding, or corporate event, our talented performers will leave your guests in awe with their gravity-defying acrobatics on aerial silks and hoops. Both male and female performers available!

What exactly is an aerialist, you ask? Think of it as a combination of Cirque du Soleil meets your event. Our performers use aerial silks and hoops to perform stunning feats of strength and agility high above your guests' heads. It's an incredible display of athleticism and artistry that brings excitement and elegance to your event.

Our aerialists can perform feature acts on stage, creating jaw-dropping moments that will elevate the entertainment experience. Or, they can add a touch of class and excitement during cocktail hour, mingling with your guests while gracefully performing on aerial silks and hoops.

But that's not all - we also offer a Champagne Pourer service, where our aerialist will elegantly pour drinks into your guests' glasses while suspended in the air. It's a pretty cool way to impress your guests and create amazing memories.

Contact us today to learn more about our aerialist service and how we can take your event to new heights.

Aerialist Feature Act
- 5-7 minute feature act
- Incredible solo or duo performances available upon request

Champagne Pourer
- Our aerialist suspends themselves in an apparatus and elegantly pours champagne for your guests when they approach her with empty glasses.

Combo Feature Act + Champagne Pouer
- 5-7 Minute Air Dancer Feature Act + 30 minute Champagne Pourer

Mobile Rigging
- This option is for venues that do not have rigging points installed for aerialist performances. Mobile rigs are ideal for outdoor events such as festivals as well
- 25ft x 25ft x 15ft (LxWxH)

Lollipop Free Standing Hoop
- This is also a great option for venues that do not have rigging points in place for aerial performers. This rig can quickly be moved in and out of place.
- 4ft x 4ft x 8ft (LxWxH)

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What the FAQ?

If the venue has their own built in rigging points we can work with them to attach our apparatus.

If your venue doesn't have rigging points, we can bring our mobile set up or provide our new "lollipop" free standing hoop.

A feature act is usually 5-7 minutes long. An ambience act can go for as long as you need with breaks for our performers.

Our aerialists privide their own soundtrack when doing a feature act. If you have something specific you want to hear, let us know and we may be able to work it into our routine!

When booking this service, it is best to put us in touch with your venue coordinator to confirm if we will be using their rigging points and if they will need a ladder or scissor lift.

For our mobile rig, we recommend a 20x20ft floor space, with a minimum of 15' ceiling clearance.

For our "Lollipop" free standing hoop we recommend 5x5ft floor space.

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