360 Photo & Video Booth
360 Photo & Video Booth
360 Photo & Video Booth
360 Photo & Video Booth

Every angle is your best angle!

This revolve-nutionary photo booth is a 360 degree experience for any kind of event, be it a wedding, trade show or corporate event. The camera orbits around your guests. Have a night not to forget and capture every corner of it.

360 Camera + Technician

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What the FAQ?

A 20'x20' area, with 4x standard wall outlets

You have a couple of options to get your videos:
- Post event editing (standard)
- Let us compile the videos and share the videos with you after the event. We make sure it'll look you best!
- Touch Screen sharing (add on). Have your guests just punch in their email address and we can email them directly!
- Mobile Phone Holder. Let your guests put their phone on the stand and record the video directly!

1-2 hour bookings are the most common! But don't be shy if you need additional time for your event.

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