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Cartoon Artists

Cartoon Artists

Looking for a fun and artistic way to entertain your guests at your next event? Look no further than our cartoon artist service! Our talented artists also known as caricature artists) can create hilarious and personalized caricatures of your guests in just minutes!

We offer both traditional pen and paper artists as well as digital artists with iPads that can broadcast their live works on TV! Our wide range of artists can fit your event's style and budget and work quickly to create multiple portraits per hour. Plus, our artists can customize their drawings to include specific themes or elements, making each caricature truly one-of-a-kind.

Whether you're hosting a corporate event, looking for entertainment during your wedding cocktail hour, or a way to draw crowds at a trade show, our caricature artists are sure to be a hit. So why settle for boring old photos when you can have a hilarious and personalized keepsake for your guests to treasure forever? Contact us today to learn more about our caricature artist services.

Cartoon Artists
- Unlimited drawings during the time frame
- 2 Hour minimum required

Digital Cartoon Artist
- Unlimited drawings during the time frame
- 2 Hour minimum required
- Option to broadcast the artist's live work to a TV

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What the FAQ?

Generally the cartoon artist takes 3-5 minutes per drawing, which means roughly 20-30 people will be drawn per hour. If you have a large amount of guests expected, then we would recommend booking 2 or 3 artists.

At a wedding or corporate we recommend either during cocktail hour or once the dance floor is open. At a festival or community event, anytime is a great time to get drawn!

3 Chairs & a 5x5 ft floor space in well lit area!

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