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Need a fun and exciting way to get your company or guests involved in some friendly competition? Our Giant Games Service is just what you need! We provide a variety of large games and props that are perfect for team building experiences. From classic games like Jenga and Connect Four to more unique options like Tic Tac Throw and Human Foosball, we have something for everyone.

Our Giant Games are perfect for corporate events, team building exercises, or just a fun party addition with friends and family. We can provide competitive or cooperative games, depending on your needs. And with our giant props, your guests will feel like kids again, making memories that will last for years to come.

We can also provide an incredible team of Game Ambassadors to set up the games, teach the rules and help people play the games!

Giant Beer Pong
This classic game turns into a team sport in which no-one needs to get drunk, if they don't want to! Two sets of giant cups are placed in a triangular shape, facing each other with an in-between distance determined by the ability to throw the volley ball into a cup. You can make it as fun and challenging by making your own rules such as having an unsuccessful thrower perform a dance, sing a song or spray them with a little water.

2 to 12 players
Minimum space required: 6′ x 16′

Reality Foosball
This is an enjoyable giant version of the foosball table game, only this time you need to be quick to move laterally along your frame and score a ball into the goal post for your team. Help your goalie with reactive defensive actions! Lots of fun and laughter as people get into the team spirit!

8 -10 Players
Minimum space required: 20′ x 28′

Strategic Bricks
A jumbo version of the popular strategic game in which you remove one block at a time without the tower falling down. Fun and entertaining for private events or corporate team building activities. The colourful bricks are made of light foam and are covered with a special lamination, so you're safe even if the tower falls!

2 - 4 players per team
Minimum space required: 4′ x 4′

This is an exciting adult version of Whack-a-Mole! You and your team run to find your chosen colour (red or green), and tap that colour on top of the ten posts in the fastest way as you compete with another team. The first team to reach a score of 25 points will win, and the Score Tower will light up in the winning colour. This exciting game can be easy or challenging depending on how much you and your team want to run will determine the distance of the poles.

1-4 players per team
Minimum space requirement : 8' x 8′

Tic Tac Toe Throw
Have fun throwing basketballs strategically into nine hoops placed in a tic tac toe grid. Choose between ‘X’ or ‘O’ balls and get your three balls in either a diagonal or straight line, without the opponent interrupting your pattern with their own ball. An enjoyable skillful game.

2 -10 Players
Minimum space required: 8′ x 8′

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What the FAQ?

Depending on the game(s) you would like to bring to your event, the space requirement may range from 4 x 4 feet to 20 x 30 feet. Please see above or ask one of our specialists for more info!

We will deliver, set-up, show you how the game is played and pick-up. We will also provide an attendant as needed to explain the game and supervise.

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