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J-Rex the Living Raptor
J-Rex the Living Raptor
J-Rex the Living Raptor
J-Rex the Living Raptor

J-Rex the Living Raptor

Welcome to the primal world of J-Rex the Living Raptor, where the Jurassic era meets modern-day events. Our lifelike dinosaur isn't just a fossil relic, he's a full-scale, vibrant, and interactive party animal! J-Rex is the ultimate addition to your event, bringing a colossal dose of excitement and intrigue that will make your guests' jaws drop. Perfect for all ages, he roams, he roars, and he even poses for some prehistoric-style selfies. Don't just host an event, create an experience that'll be remembered for eons to come!

J-Rex isn't just a spectacle, he's a social magnet. He wanders among your guests, engaging and entertaining them. There's nothing quite like seeing your guests mingling with a dinosaur, their reactions caught between awe, delight, and hilarious disbelief. And when it comes to photo opportunities, J-Rex is the ultimate Instagram-worthy attraction. It's not every day you get to take a snapshot with a dinosaur!

So, if you're ready for J-Rex the Living Raptor to crash your party or would like more information on hiring our dinosaur performer, please don't hesitate to give us a call! Unleash the prehistoric power of J-Rex and take your guests on a thrilling adventure back in time. After all, who wouldn't want a roaring good time?

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What the FAQ?

Real ones in this era are terribly hard to find but here is a close second.

J-Rex comes with his own personal park ranger.

The dinosaur strolls around your event entertaining your guests. He also gives them perfect photo opps.

An 8 foot life-like dinosaur accompanied with its own safety spotter, that is dressed in safari attire.

A 20x20 private green room located on the same floor as the performance.

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