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Fortune Teller
Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller

Our fortune tellers concentrate on funnelling the power of spirits through them. They are able to channel this energy into their tarot cards and tell your guests what they believe the future holds for them! For deeper readings, they can also focus their energy on the crystal ball. Our fortune tellers have often been called "eerily accurate" at describing past, present and future events. Ask questions about your future, and receive answers about: Love, friendships, career, financial, or relationships! Book them for your next event today!

Tarot or Palm Reading
The fortune teller will tell your future using Tarot cards and/or palm reading.

If you have a large crowd, instead of having a line up, a schedule can greet guests and assign reading times. This will clear the lines and allow better time management.

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What the FAQ?

No you are not required to bring anything, but if you have any specific questions you would like an answer to it is best to note them down before your session

A private 6'x6' area with a table and 2 chairs

Each reading will take roughly 5-10 minutes. If you have a lot of guests, we would recommend a 2nd or 3rd Fortune teller. Additionally a scheduler would be beneficial, so your guests are assigned a time, rather than waiting in long lines.

They're not allowed, company policy ;)