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Scary Stilt Walkers

Scary Stilt Walkers

Add a towering thrill to your Halloween or horror-themed event with our Scary Stilt Walker service. These lofty entertainers, donned in chilling 9 ft costumes, roam your event to deliver an unexpected surprise and scare to your guests. But it's not just about the scare factor - it's about creating an immersive, eerie atmosphere that heightens the excitement of your event.

Our Scary Stilt Walkers move with an otherworldly grace that makes their antics even more captivating. From classic monsters like witches to original creatures like Slender Man, the range of costumes ensures that every stilt walker brings their unique touch of terror to your event. And amidst the thrills and chills, they also serve as a fascinating photo opportunity for your guests!

Are you ready to raise the scare factor of your event? Our Scary Stilt Walkers are here to add a dash of adrenaline-filled fun and help create an unforgettable experience for your guests!

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What the FAQ?

100% safe, but incase you’re uneasy all of our stilt walkers come insured!

A private changing area on the same floor as the performance area, a table, and a chair!

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