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J-Tron the Epic Robot
J-Tron the Epic Robot
J-Tron the Epic Robot
J-Tron the Epic Robot
J-Tron the Epic Robot
J-Tron the Epic Robot

J-Tron the Epic Robot

Welcome to the future of event entertainment, courtesy of J-Tron the Epic Robot. This isn't your average party guest, but an LED-lit spectacle on two legs that turns any gathering into an unforgettable extravaganza. J-Tron is more than a performer; he's a party powerhouse, equipped with dazzling LEDs, sizzling lasers, and CO2 cannons that create a dazzling smoke show. It's time to upgrade your event from ordinary to out-of-this-world!

J-Tron is the life of the party. With his radiant lights and awe-inspiring smoke effects, he'll have your guests gasping in amazement and dancing in delight. He interacts with everyone, bringing them into the heart of the action and creating a high-energy atmosphere that's as thrilling as it is unique. And don't forget the photo opportunities – because nothing says 'epic party' like a selfie with a eight-foot-tall LED Robot!

If you're ready to power up your event with a jolt of futuristic fun then J-Tron the Epic Robot is for you. He's not just a performer; he's a showstopper, a crowd-pleaser, and the ultimate party propeller. It's time to let J-Tron electrify your event and give your guests an experience they'll be talking about long after the lights have dimmed.

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What the FAQ?

J-Tron comes out when the party’s in full swing and takes your dance floor to the next level! He lights up, dances and interacts with your crowd – they can even limbo through his legs! J-Tron is also available as strolling entertainment during any event!

The entire J-Tron package comes in 40 minute sets. This set includes: an epic intro, interacting/dancing with guests, CO2 and a picture opp.

Yes this service is safe for our performer, for you and for your guests. Rest assured J-Tron also comes with his own safety spotter.

Yes but we make sure we didn't give it sentience, wouldn't want it to over throw humanity.

A private changing area on the same floor, a table, and chair.

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I met Rayn and J-Bot when I attended the National Bridal Show in Exhibition Place way back in January of 2016. J-Bot was dancing around the booth a little bit (and he's huge, so it immediately caught my attention) and then Rayn came and did some magic with my friend and I. Immediately, I liked Rayn'
Steacy C
Jestr Events is your go to for mind blowing, interactive entertainment!
Why not us INC
Working with Jestr gave us such peace of mind when it came to finding that WOW factor for our event! We booked J-Tron the robot to come in from Toronto to our event in Montreal, they were such as pleasure to work with and accommodated us with anything that we needed as well as follow ups throughout
I have nothing but high praise for Jonathan and his team at Jestr Events. We had JTRON at our wedding this past Saturday and it was a big hit for everyone of all ages. JTRON was in sync with the music and got the crowd excited and dancing. Highly recommend Jestr for your event needs!! Thank you!
Denny Trinh