Freak Magicians
Freak Magicians

Freak Magicians

Nothing is more spooky and interactive than magic! This Halloween, we have freak magicians trained in scream-inducing magic that can get a major reaction out of anyone. They can horrify your audience close up or on stage. Tricks could include: spiders, nails, mind reading and more - Don't just take our word for it, book your freak magician today!

Walk-Around Freak Magic
- Magic happens close up and in your guests hands!

Freak Magic Stage Show
- Magic on stage that involves illusion, sleight of hand, mind reading, mentalism and laughter!

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What the FAQ?

Walk-around is when a magician strolls your event and performs for small groups of people. It is the ultimate icebreaker best suited for cocktail hours and when groups of people are mingling.

Stage magic involves tricks that play bigger to the crowd. The magician hops on the mic and takes control of the room. He invites guests from around the room to join him on stage. You may send us a list of names as well if there are specific people you would like the magician to choose. The mic/speakers will need to be provided by the client, or you can book our A/V equipment.

Some of the stage acts may require music which we can be provide by email or on a USB.

Depending on the length of the show, it could take 10-30 minutes to set up.

All of our artists can do shows for kids and families, just let us know when booking and we will make sure we have the right artist for you!