360 Photo & Video Booth
360 Photo & Video Booth
360 Photo & Video Booth
360 Photo & Video Booth

Introducing our 360 Photo & Video booth!

Our 360 Photo & Video Booth have revolutionized the capturing of images and footage at events all over Toronto. This photo booth is a 360 degree experience. Simple and easy to use, guests simply stand on a low platform move as the normally would as a camera rotates around them, completing a full circular motion. The finished results are Instagram worthy high definition images and video that participants will be able to share on their individual social media platforms.

As far as immersive entertainment in Toronto is concerned, this 360 photo booth is an experience that will catch the attention and stay alive in the memories of guests long afterwards. The 360 photo booth is custom rigged and specially designed for events in the GTA. It consists of the highest quality camera and robotic technology. Generating a smooth effortless process with breathtaking results.

The 360 photo and video booth is particularly novel. Novelty is really what draws people into the photo booth and the final product makes them stay and share the experience with all their friends. This photo booth is a prime opportunity for seamless marketing that speaks volumes in a sense of how far it can reach. There are many ways of utilizing marketing techniques with the 360 photo and video booth. Whether it be guests holding your logo or asking them to include specific hashtags, the opportunities for exposure are infinite.

The 360 photo and video booth is an incredible addition to any event including: corporate events and entertainment, brand activations, dinner shows, exclusive VIP parties, weddings, charity events, sporting events, festivals, family events, holiday events, birthday parties, street parties.

20 Minute Dance performance

45 Minute Ted-Talk-Style speech and performance

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What the FAQ?

- A 20 min classical Latin dance performance.
- A 45 min performance of a TED Talk style speech including demonstrations of the dances.
Timings can be adjusted to suit your needs.

1. A secure change room for the Performers use. 2. A sound system sufficient for the venue which can be connected to by iPod or cell phone. 3. A suitable dance floor surface/space for dance performance. Clean, smooth (preferably hardwood), stable/secured, clear of furniture or other obstacles, offering at least 10 X 15 feet of open floor. 4. If selecting The Ted Talk Style presentation, then wireless two microphones are required.

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