Confetti Gun
Confetti Gun

Confetti Gun

This isn’t your New Years Eve lame confetti popper - This is it's cooler bad ass older brother. This epic looking Confetti gun adds an intimidation factor to anyone carrying it. Firing that confetti over the crowd will make you feel like the man (or woman) of the moment.

Confetti Gun
- Epic confetti shower with 3 shots - More confetti shots available upon request - Requires Technician to deliver and teach you how to use it

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What the FAQ?

It depends on your venue, always confirm with your venue before booking or let our team know and we can confirm with them for you. Streamer options will be available soon.

Absolutely safe! Prior to handling the unit one our agents will show you how to use. Just remember aim above people, never at anyone.

The ting goes skrrrahh, Pap, pap, ka – sorry, its pressurized gas being released and can make a little noise on launch, but no louder than your DJ’s music.

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